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Installing Magento 1 Extensions with ease – MDOQ – DevOps for Magento
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Installing Magento 1 Extensions with ease

I'd almost given up hoping Magento was going to make managing an online business as affordable and exciting as this!
Richard Furness
Marketing & Online - British Hardwood Tree Nursery
2019 marks the beginning of a very exciting process of empowerment for us. We can achieve much more than we could with our previous agency. Thanks to MDOQ® we can now do many more things with Magento and it has paved the way for our plans to move to Magento 2. This is just one of the many things which we can now achieve without agency and developer costs, making Magento® much more attractive to work with.

Case in point – installing extensions the Enterprise way

How can installing extensions be simpler than Magento Connect, yet involved and thorough like the top-tier Agencies would do it? Once upon a time we used to install extensions via Magento Connect directly onto our live website. Eeeek?!

We then moved to an agency who were too controlling and restricted our access to both Admin and Server. In either case we couldn’t operate so considered other platforms as we just couldn’t get Magento to work for us. 

Then we discovered MDOQ!

It’s quite astonishing how powerful MDOQ is and the benefits it has brought to us. We now deploy new code at least once a week, our agency can support us when necessary, and we can do a whole heap of the legwork ourselves. By legwork I mean a vast array of operational tasks that would fall to a Dev Ops engineer (in a large company) or a developer in a typical small company. Usually that developer time carries a cost. Not Any More!! Not only does MDOQ protect us from making mistakes but it speeds our developers up and allows us to use multiple agencies or freelancers concurrently.

I installed, tested & deployed an extension in minutes!

Rather than trying to explain just how easy it is, how better than to show you with a screen-recording!

What happens under the hood

  • Create a new instance - Creates a Git Branch from your Repo, creates a working replica of your production site using the latest snapshots, checks out the new branch ready for you to start work, turns caches off, creates unique URLs for ALL websites/stores, installs Helpers for MySQL, Logs, SSH Web Console & Web Code Editor, Installs Magento Tool Belt & Git Tools
  • Install Module - unpacks the extension and reviews the file/folder structure, adds the files to your branch and commits them
  • I'm Done - Checks the commits and provides you a simple way to review/approve, runs a Suite of Ghost Inspector Tests, if passed, merges back into your Master branch and tags ready for release, deletes the instance!
  • Perform Release - Checks the current tag, checks the target tag, ensures the site is fully operational, flushes cache, deploys the new code, confirms the tag is checked out, flushes caches again (including external CDN/WAF Caches), checks the homepage is fully operational.
Yes you CAN do all this in less than 5 minutes, an infinite number of times with an infinite number of users for your Magento store using MDOQ!

Planning for Magento 2

For a small business MDOQ has answered many questions we placed firmly over the Magento platform over the last 12 months. I dare say we are not alone. 

Previously we were very worried about the idea of Magento 2. Total Cost of Ownership was still questionable until now. Now that we know it's possible with MDOQ and it supports Magento 2, then we are firmly of the believe that Magento is the platform for our business. now and for many years to come!

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