How Regatta and MDOQ are innovating and driving automation

SKU: How Regatta and MDOQ are innovating and driving automation

“MDOQ enables us to innovate and keep up with the demands of customer experience by giving us the means to build and release new features faster, more efficiently, and cost effectively.

It saves us so much valuable time, and gives our developers a lot of freedom, whilst also reducing risk. The impact has been significant; enabling us to properly embrace DevOps and automation: UAT is considerably faster, we make 60x more frequent deployments, and developer productivity has increased by around 50%.”

Jeff Fox, Regatta

About Regatta

Regatta are one of the largest outdoor clothing groups in Europe, with a portfolio of brands including Regatta, Craghoppers, Dare 2b and Hawkshead. The ecommerce side of the business has seen rapid growth since the launch of their first site in 2003. By mid 2020 the Regatta Group will have 24 online stores across 7 countries, delivering an average of 30% growth in online revenues year on year; and the internal ecommerce team is now 40 strong.

To help them continue to drive forward this pace of online growth, and to ensure they were able to meet the ever-changing demands of the market and customer experience Regatta carried out a major refresh of their strategic technology partnerships. As part of this refresh, Regatta started working with MDOQ® (the leading solution for Magento developer efficiency and automation), and they’ve never looked back.

The impact of MDOQ

By using MDOQ®, Regatta’s internal teams and 3rd parties benefit from the automation of many Magento developer tasks, and the ability to spin up, share and collaborate on multiple environments with a level of ease and speed that brings innovation to the heart of their team culture.

Through this automation and the simplification of many of these tasks, Regatta are able to use junior, and non-technical staff to carry them out, thereby freeing up more experienced and highly skilled Magento developers to focus on developing and releasing new features. This also means that junior members of staff can play a more active role in projects and contribute more fully. This in turn accelerates their journey to becoming more highly skilled, increasing the value they bring to the business.

Another key feature for Regatta is how MDOQ® enables fast, on-demand replication of website environments from Production to Development. This empowers all areas of support through QA whilst also eliminates risk of human error

What next?

Regatta are early adopters of PWA’s and view them as a key part of their ecommerce offering. To support the adoption of PWAs, MDOQ® allows users to instantly rollup development replicas of Vue Storefront PWA, API or Headless Magento instances. Regatta’s front-end teams are using MDOQ® for fast development environments, making cosmetic changes to PWAs, multiple times per day. This level of automation in a fully-managed workflow will support CI/CD practices meaning production releases are possible in minutes not days.