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Case Studies – MDOQ – DevOps for Magento
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How MDOQ is changing the way businesses work with Magento 1 & 2

Automation will be a game-changer for Magento operations in 2020

At a time when costs are becoming increasingly prohibitive to smaller Magento merchants, we must look to innovation to drive a pathway to possibilities. Operations (i.e. how we go about building and running ecommerce platforms) is – and some might argue always has been – the Achilles Heel of Magento Merchant success. Magento Go was […]

How to make Magento 2 more affordable than Magento 1

By working with MDOQ, BeanBagBazaar gained the operational efficiencies and process innovations to drive down the costs of both migration to Magento 2 and ongoing support, whilst retaining that open source flexibility – something that Shopify just could not do. The increased costs of migrating to Magento 2 have been the biggest concern for most […]
I'd almost given up hoping Magento was going to make managing an online business as affordable and exciting as this!
– Richard Furness, Marketing & Online - British Hardwood Tree Nursery

Installing Magento 1 Extensions with ease

Today marks the beginning of a very exciting process of empowerment for us. We can achieve much more than we could with our previous agency. Thanks to MDOQ® we can now do many more things with Magento and it has paved the way for our plans to move to Magento 2. This is just one […]
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